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EVERGREEN is a Japanese fishing gear manufacturer.The influence of Pro Angler who is actually active in the front line is big, it is a popular manufacturer with both name and fact.

Black Bass In the 1990s when fishing was prevalent in Japan, there were so many users that the shortage of products continued, and even in modern times improvements are repeated and it can be said that it is a reliable manufacturer.

Speaking of EVERGREEN's rods, many professionals have left track record in tournaments, so it can be said that the "winning" rods that professionals work on.

As new products are being developed one after another, the range of choices should continue to expand.

There are a lot of professional staff enrolled in EVERGREEN and there are many rods adapted to actual fishing.

There are also many images of high price range rods, but because of its wide range of use and sticking to the material, it has become a highly satisfying customer from the user.


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